toki pona compound word tree

Brought to you by thechuff and Moosader.

(This is a work in progress ... not all the words are in, and expand/collapse don't work. :)

Check out chuff's word list here, which we are working on converting into a more dynamic page.)

  • a
    • a a a! - Ha ha ha! (laughter)
    • a a a! ni li musi. - Ha ha ha! That's funny.
    • a soweli - yelp (animal sound)
  • akesi
    • akesi kiwen tomo - turtle
    • akesi li pana e telo moli - The snake emitted venom ('deadly fluid')
    • akesi lili - small reptile/amphibian/frog
    • akesi linja - snake, serpent
    • akesi pi tomo kiwen - turtle, tortoise
  • ala
    • ala li jaki - nothing is dirty
  • ali
    • ali li pona - peace